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Guilt Does NOT Help Us Run On Time!

behind blog guilt running on time Mar 21, 2022
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Recently, Dr. John Crosby joined us inside the Charting Champions Program as a guest coach. We discussed time management and the art of running on time in our clinical day.

When we start to run behind, it has an immediate effect on clinicians' stress levels. There is often a whole pile of guilt surrounding making our patients wait.

The more minutes behind, the more stressed we become. Charting and referrals all fall by the wayside in the pursuit of catching up.

It's exhausting.

What else have you noticed happens when you run behind? Think about the food choices you make, how much water you drink, how much time you spend apologizing to the patients.

Everything becomes harder.

Many clinicians actually end up taking longer with each patient to “make up for” being behind.

This guilt and the actions we take causes more and more negative consequences for you.

Now you are running behind, not getting caught up and creating a pile of homework - YUCK!

It takes courage to let it be ok that you are minutes behind.
It takes courage to drop the guilt and just be xx minutes behind.
It takes courage to try new ways of managing your time in the consultation

The way you run your clinical day, day in and day out, will not change unless you do.
It will feel like a never ending déjà vu

So where do you start?

Start by deciding what you would like to create and why.
This gives you something to aim for.

Start noticing where the minutes and seconds go.
What do you do now, that will need to change, if you are going to get a different result?

It can take time to figure it out, but every step moves you closer to your goal.

I encourage you to join the program to get the specific help you need to accelerate this process. It’s much more fun with the tools, support and community to help and encourage you.

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