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Get it Done

Jan 26, 2020

You can choose any Goal you want for yourself. 

This is a Compass


You actually have NO IDEA what the steps are to get to your goal

You will have many obstacles along the way that you didn't count on

You will have to carry on despite obstacles if you want to achieve your Goal.

Whether you Quit or Challenge yourself to find the answer will depend on You

You need to Decide to do any step required to get your Goal NO MATTER WHAT


What if you Just Decide to Believe that you can achieve this goal

There's no Downside!

There's no downside to live from the place of already having achieved this Goal.

What if you just decide to believe that you can achieve this Goal

Your level of confidence will be different when you believe with certainty that you are going to achieve this Goal.

Even if at 30 days you haven't achieved it yet, you will absolutely keep going until you achieve your Goal if you believe that this Goal is absolutely going to happen.

This is how to get ANYTHING done.

Align with your future self who has achieved this Goal and then you are willing to experience any emotion, challenge any obstacle until you achieve your Goal.

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xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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