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Get CME for going home with no homework!

blog cme credits paperwork Mar 14, 2022
Physicians earn CME credits inside Charting Champions

My absolute passion is to help you get the work of your clinical day completely done within the work day. Meaning, no more homework. 

No charting at night, no inboxes after hours. The work of today managed within the workday.

When I say that I often hear "there must be a catch, you are going to tell me to see less patients". Nope! That is not the answer! I have actually had Physicians try this, reducing patient numbers to try and keep up, you know what happens? They see fewer patients, earn less and still continue charting at night, it's heartbreaking!

Using the proven processes in the program, you get to continue to do medicine however you want to practice, in the clinical environment that you work in, with your current EMR and your current level of staffing. Yep, you get the help you need right now, within the clinical environment that you work. The only thing that changes is you.

"I started the Charting Champions Program last week and everything is already 50% better, I am even getting home earlier"  ~ Family Physician, BC Canada

Are you completely free up with evening homework? I know I was, and I knew that if nothing changed, I was going to go looking for a job with no homework!

It feels crushing, like you are stuck in this eternal hamster wheel of never ending work.

It doesn't have to be this way, It is possible to make the changes to your clinical day, and in more good news - by joining a supportive community and getting the road map is like taking the tollway rather than the back roads!

And now you can also earn CME while you work on creating guilt free evenings and weekends! How great is that!

This is legitimate CME. Inside the program we use actual brain science, reframing, executive function strategies, productivity tools, time management skills, CBT and proven processes to get you lasting change in your clinical day.

The best part, YOU decide what that lasting change will look like. Medicine your way.

So go apply for those CME funds and get inside!

We are looking forward to helping you 🙂

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