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Frustrated with Staff ? 😝

blog charting champions making it lighter Sep 05, 2022
Frustration crossed out

Do you find yourself frustrated with some of your staff members? Guess what, you are not alone 🙃

I noticed something about myself as an employer - think Receptionists, Medical Assistant's, Nurses etc.

I have thoughts like "they should know this", "they should figure it out", "why can't they anticipate and plan for this?", "why do I need to give them so much instruction?"

I even had the same thoughts directed towards my kids while they were growing up 🙃 and my medical students! 🙃

I realize that I am not naturally a team player and I will want to jump in and do it for them or feel frustrated.

👉 queue the sighs and eye rolls 😬

I am learning "the pause" and let it be messy, give slower clearer instructions, let them find their feet, look for strengths and be patient in the short falls.

So what's different?

Here are some recent examples;

Now I have a house manager who took the initiative to buy laundry detergent and toilet paper on her way to my house because she noticed we were low.

My kiddo took the initiative and cooked supper Monday night because I said yes to a coaching call during our usual supper time. (It's a rare exception that I say yes to a speaking obligation at that time.)

The amazing Donna (our Charting Champions admin) has my business email inbox at zero because I released her into her zone of genius (after she had been asking to help me for 12 MONTHS in this area 🤣)

I am learning that if I hear my natural voice and ZIP MY LIPS, GREAT things can happen 😍😍😍

Letting it be lighter over here 🎈🎈

And if you want to join us inside the program to learn how to make your clinical day lighter and easier then come on inside! We would love to help you too 😁😁❤️❤️

Until next time!


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