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Drama or No Drama

Sep 09, 2019

How do you get it done? Remove the drama and it's way easier to get it done 😁

I have been trying to work out the difference between my husband and myself when it comes to   farm activities. Take moving the cows...

Hubbie - well he's fully prepared for discomfort, walking over uneven ground, cows going the opposite way of where you want them to go. That's what's going to happen and he's willing to accept that, prepared for physical discomfort, all of it.

Me - I add the drama and it's so much worse! I whine and complain about the discomfort, I yell at the cows, I yell at husband, I Huff and groan. I use my best farmers wife language.

Why? Great question! It's because I am not willing to just be uncomfortable. I add frustration as the cows won't listen, I add anxiety that it won't go perfectly, I add anger that the cows go the opposite way to where you want and I will have to walk out and around them!

So let's lay it out: the circumstance is that the cows will be moved, the cows will not go the way they are asked multiple times. Then I get to decide if I get angry or frustrated as they are not doing what I want them to do...or I can say "oh this is the part when the cows go the wrong way". I am totally physically capable of walking out and around them again and I can just do that or I can have a whining session and add suffering to the task.

Just bringing that awareness of what is happening can help. It can move you toward being like my husband who is willing to sign up for cows who want to go the wrong way and having to walk them back over and over.

This last week I felt myself boiling with frustration and going red in the face and was about to start yelling. In that moment I caught myself, was aware of what was happening and just laughed and laughed! 

There was no reason to yell, it was an old mindset playing on autopilot. It was stopped completely by noticing it. The spell broken by it's humour!

There is a better way. This is exactly how you get it done. Know that you can't change the circumstances and remove the drama and the suffering that you are adding!

Apply this in your work day and that's how it gets done!!

Remove drama, inject getting it done

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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