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Do Charting Coaches Exist?

blog charting charting champions coach stop charting at night Jun 21, 2021
ASK: The Charting Coach answers your questions

After years of coaching physicians and healthcare professionals, there are several questions I get asked over and over.  I thought I would share my answers to them with you today, in case you were also wondering.  Here is my stab at answering some fan mail:


Question 1: Do Charting Coaches exist?

To be honest Charting Coaches are rarer than empty inboxes! 

Sometimes you can find her in a Google search, more typically she is hanging out on her rural farm. But when you are struggling with your charting and frustrated that you can’t get today’s work done today, then you want to find me! 


Question 2: Where do Charting Coaches come from?

Once upon a time, there was a struggling seasoned physician who went searching for a way to fix her paperwork problem. She loved her patients but hated the job, specifically the charting and paperwork! She didn’t know who could help her.  She found a life coach to be her guide and help her have the courage to change. After many months the physician was able to fix her charting problems and discovered the path that would help others fix their charting problems too. 


Question 3: Shouldn’t I already know how to get my charting done?

This is a great question. I have helped enough physicians and healthcare professionals in their 20+ years of practice who have asked this exact question that I know this - it doesn’t just get better on it’s own! 

If we wanted to create a world where Charting Coaches were no longer needed we would need to help our junior colleagues understand that charting and paperwork is part of the clinical encounter, requiring dedicated time and not left until later. 

There are so many things that interfere with you getting that chart note done: too many patients, too many things in your inbox, waiting on results, trying to get that chart note just right. Whatever your problem, I know that it is possible to get your charting done the same day and I would love to show you how to make that possible, even for you!


Question 4: Is it really possible to get today's work done today?

Yes, it is. 

Here’s what you are going to need: 

  • Determination - that you want to get out of this charting nightmare forever and will not quit until you get there
  • Courage - to take the next step, knowing that if your first attempt doesn’t work it doesn’t mean you can't make it
  • Commitment - to keep going and try new paths until you find your way out of the charting nightmare
  • A seasoned guide - who will help you and teach you the skills you will need for your journey.

This is a journey to get you the life you truly desire, and create a massive amount of time to enjoy the other things you would like to pursue in your life.


Question 5: If all my charting and paperwork is done, what would I do with myself?

This is my most favourite question.

What do you want to create with this amazing life that we have?

I am seriously asked this question by physicians and healthcare professionals who have finally made it out of the charting nightmare! They may not have had a weekend in decades. Evenings free are an odd and uncomfortable new reality.

New hobbies, exercise, sleep, reading, family, fun. 

They have so many hours in the day that are unfilled.

So ask yourself that question: What would you like to do with your evenings and weekends?

Does it sound incredible and amazing?

What needs to happen to create this for you?

Is it your unfinished charts and paperwork getting in your way?

If so, you know what you need to do!

Get your gear and your guide and become the next Charting Champion!


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