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Distracted At Work

blog challenge charting champions distraction making it lighter smarter charting Sep 12, 2022
What do you get distracted by at work?

Do you get distracted at work? Yep, me too. It's totally our human brain 🧠 looking for something more exciting that that next in-basket result or the next patient.

Last month inside the Charting Champions Program and Smarter Charting Program we were working on 🎈🎈Making it Lighter 🎈🎈 including easy to implement changes that help you throughout your clinical day ❀️

Do you peek at your phone between patients πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰? Are you a little preoccupied by candy crushers, Sudoku, Wordle or IG Reels?

You are not alone, I totally have those weeks where I would rather be answering questions inside the Private Members FB group, or seeing what's happening on Instagram than seeing my next patient 😝

So, here's a handy hint - pause the app!

It's super simple and when you pick up your phone to tap on your favourite app it's paused.

It's an easy way to help wean yourself off that little dopamine fix 😍

Another easy hack is to have a nice big travel mug at the office, fill with fresh coffee that can stay hot πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ at your desk and don't have to take yourself off to the kitchen for a refill as those minutes tick by ⏰

Keep being curious about how else you can look after yourself as you go through your clinical day.

What do you get distracted by?

What could make your day easier and simpler?

I would love to hear your answers, hit reply and tell me how you are modifying your workspace or clinical day.

And come join the community so that you can brainstorm with your peers and get the help you need to create time for your life outside of medicine.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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