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Creating Your Pivot

blog guest podcast podcast Feb 22, 2021

Sarah Smith was recently a guest coach on the Mindfulness And Productivity Systems Podcast with Dr. Serene Shereef.   

Sarah discussed her journey of being a family physician for over 15 years and feeling burdened and overwhelmed with the amount of charting and paperwork.   She shares how she was able to change her clinical day with the help of a general life coach.   


  • Restoration.  Physicians need time to rest and restore.  When you have unfinished charts that you are doing in the evening, there is no time to rest.  You start beating yourself up as there seems to be no end in sight.
  • Backlog:  Unfinished charts, inboxes and task lists impact your mental load and self identify.   A physician coach can help you love yourself again and help you find your most simple solution.
  • Learn how to chart after every patient encounter and why this is so important for both you and your patients.
  • How to deal with failures.  Coaching helps you get the transformation you so need in the fastest most efficient way.
  • Pivoting in the moment.   Make a change and evaluate it.  When you change the process,  you get a new result. 
  • Advice to younger self.  Move forward with no regret.  Keep making memories.

Knowing that making a change is possible is the first step!

 Click the audio player above to listen to the whole episode!

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