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Confidence and Dreams

Sep 04, 2019

Self-confidence is not arrogance.

Self confidence is knowing you will have your own back and won't beat yourself up if you come across an obstacle or don't follow a plan perfectly.

Self confidence is knowing you have never done something before but doing it anyway.

Self-confidence going after a goal even if though it will mean failures - which are inevitable in the pursuit of a goal.

It's your commitment to yourself that you won't think any less of yourself even though you don't get everything perfect the first time.

It's honoring your plans even when you don't feel like it. It's honoring your plan despite fear, discomfort, boredom, anxiety or any other emotion - knowing then that you can have that future you planned for yourself.

What are you dreaming about? Weight loss, exercise goals, paperwork goals, learning a new skill, becoming a parent?

Dream big and have the self-confidence to go for it!

Can't find that self confidence? Keep looking backwards and telling yourself that you can't because you never have before? Consider finding support to grow that self-confidence with a life and career coach! 

Go get it!


xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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