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Feb 08, 2020

I just spent two days attending the Primary Care Network Forum.

This Forum is for teams who are trying to take traditional medical clinics and transform them into Patient Medical Homes.

What is a Patient Medical Home?

Well that is the question that I want to take back to my team.

Right now this is how I answer this question:

As a patient it would mean I have a center of excellence where I can get care today if I need it. I have a team of staff that I know and trust who can help me with my health decisions. I can access my results. I can expect reminders when my health needs monitoring or a test is due.

As you get clarity about what you are trying to create, it helps you make decisions and take steps toward creating it.

But Hear this Family Physicians....

Over and Over and Over I heard the message - our physicians are too busy to be involved. Our physicians are too busy to capture the vision. Our physicians are too busy to make change.

LISTEN: When do you stop to think about HOW you do business rather than being in your business.

When do you stop to think about why you see the number of patients that you do each day.

When do you stop to think about how your staff interact with your patients.

When do you stop to think about how long patients wait on the phone to talk to your staff.

Family Physicians when do you set aside SUPER THINKING TIME. 

Time to plan what you want

Time to create what you want

Are you just going to work and blaming the system for how your day goes

How are you investing in the outcome

How are you contributing to making change

I encourage you to start with setting aside an uninterrupted hour to think about how you do things in your business

Change starts when you start taking notice and being curious and start dreaming about what you want

Find your clarity

and if you would like a coach to help you find your clarity

and plan an amazing future

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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