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Christmas Bonus, get help to get home!

backlog challenge blog bonus Dec 20, 2021
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December can be a month to think back and be thankful for the things you love and for the hard work you did this year.

It's also a time we start to look ahead and make plans for what we would like to achieve for the coming year.

So here are some prompting questions you may like to consider;

A. If you had a magic wand, what would your workday look like in 2022?

B. If you finally figured out how to get today's work done, what would you do with all the time you currently spend charting and catching up?

C. How do you appreciate you and the amazing things you do?

In December, we are running a backlog challenge. We run challenges inside the programs to help you pick big crazy (or little and easy) goals for yourself and have the community and support to keep working towards them.

Changing our clinical day so that you can see patients, get the work done and get home takes big and little adjustments. That's why we give you ample time, ample coaching and a community to help you.

December is my birthday month and Christmas, so it's extra special, and I want it to be extra special for you too.

That's why I'm gifting you our biggest discount of the year. Use the coupon code below at checkout before midnight December 24th.

Coupon code:  CHRISTMAS200

I want you to have all the help you need to make 2022 your favourite year in medicine so far, the year you finally figured out how to get back your evenings and weekends.

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