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Checking it twice

Jun 17, 2019

Want to take your results and patient care to a whole new level?

When doctors check their results, we often re-read the same result multiple times as there is not a clear clinic process on what to do with that result.

For instance: "colonoscopy - multiple polyps - repeat in 3 years"

Do you just let the patient know and hope they remember, do you create a pop up that you have to click on every time you open the patient chart and hope they come in at that three year mark so you remember. Or do you develop a clinic Improvement measure where you develop a worklist that is just for colonoscopy and assign the task for a future date for when it is due and develop a process where there is a clinic MOA assigned to check that worklist monthly and recall or refer all the patients who are due their colonoscopies.

Additionally you can give permission (after training) to the MOA to ring patient, ensure they are in fact due and they do the letter and the referral on behalf of the doctors and get doctor to check it, then send!

That is a safety net 😁

With systems like this in place within our clinic, I review the result and assign the recall to the worklist. Simple, checked only once and dealt with!

Take it a step further and get the administrative assistant who is scanning in the result to put it on the worklist as recommended on your behalf!

Bingo! Doctor involvement minimised and patient process optimised!!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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