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Busyness or good business? 😎 😎

stop charting at night time management Nov 13, 2020

When do you set aside time to think about your business?
I don’t mean being in the busyness of your day.
I mean thinking about HOW you do Business.

Many of you have leadership roles in your businesses – such as owners

When do you set aside time to think about and plan your business?
Many physicians I coach will do their clinical management with their clinic manager on the fly, creating interruptions and distractions that contribute to the mental load of your clinical day.

When do you attend to staffing concerns or messages from staff?
When do you have meetings, how long are they and what is the agenda?

Consider the “all doctor” meeting: That could be 10 physicians at $100/hour average earnings.
That a $1000/hour meeting, or $166 every 10 minutes.
It starts to make you think differently about meetings doesn’t it.

Some powerful questions to use when thinking about meetings:

  • Why are we having a meeting?
  • Who needs to be there?
  • What are the decisions that will be made by the end of the meeting?
  • How long does it have to be?
  • Who is allowed to come and “speak to the doctors”?
  • Is there another way to deliver this information?


Take a moment to consider the original questions: When do you create time to think about your business – not just be in the busyness of your business?

Working smarter not harder
Reducing mental load
That’s good for business

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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