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Brown Rice

Jan 16, 2019

You know how awful it is to get back from holidays. That first day back in the office after weeks away. Inbox full of results, messages and forms. The schedule fully booked and patients demanding to see you anyway.

When you eventually leave the office you are frazzled and wonder why you decide to take holidays.

Well let me tell you, today was my first day back after 3 weeks vacation in beautiful sunny Australia. I have a wonderful tan and was not worried about what today would bring. I was ready for the onslaught. At the end of the day I left the office at 5.00pm, 2 minutes after the last patient left. I had one acute request to do a visit to my unwell 97 year old continuing care patient on my way home and was home by 5.30pm. All my notes are done, messages homework! YES it is POSSIBLE!!

I was NOT the LAST TO LEAVE today! This was my first trial run at a big holiday after implementing my Charting Champion Tools and I LOVE THE PROGRAM! It Works!! Even with the added chaos of returning from holidays!

That means I have time to cook BROWN RICE. I am not sure how many of you cook, but I love cooking supper at the end of the day. The time in the kitchen I find relaxing. However, I don't enjoy rushing in at 6.30pm for a 7pm supper - not so relaxing!!

Today I got to take my time in the kitchen so that my delicious chicken casserole (with artichoke and cashews) will be served next to some BROWN RICE cooked the old fashioned way - yes 45 minutes cooking time!

I have no homework so I might even make desert?

Let me take you back to BEFORE the vacation. I got some great advice from June Austin (from the Alberta Medical Association) regarding scheduling for success after a period of vacation. For the amount of time you are away, you make sure your bookings for that same amount of time post-vacation are only open for morning bookings. Additionally, the booking staff only start taking bookings for these mornings one week prior to your return. On the day you return, all these afternoons get opened up so that there are LOTS of appointments for EVERYONE!

For instance, I was away for 3 weeks. For the three weeks after I am expected to get back the booking staff were only allowed to book morning appointments. Additionally, they could only start taking these morning appointment bookings in the 1 week prior to my return. So I arrive back to a full morning and an open afternoon. When phones opened that morning every patient who called in was able to get an appointment today or within the next few days.

Was I worried about not getting filled up - Seriously? Definitely not! Those appointments filled up in 30 minutes. Additionally I had happy front desk staff and happy patients and happy returning from vacation physician! YAY!

No it was not all coughs and colds. Many of my complex chronic needed to see me for review and they were happy to get in.

No requests for phone calls because every patient was able to get an appointment!

Be nice to yourself!

My family had a much healthier supper because I was prepared!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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