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Jan 11, 2020

Have you ever come across a thought hiding in your head and when you notice it you immediately feel shame?

For instance "why do you even try to lose weight, you're just going to put it all back on again", "you just don't know enough to be successful", "you just aren't smart enough understand investing"

Isn't our brain so interesting

It tells us stories, thoughts, that we practice until we hold them to be true.

Then we call them beliefs or a fact that we just know about ourselves.

But they are just thoughts!

Seeing them written down, acknowledging that the thought is even there, helps you see it for what it is!

Don't try and change your thought initially, just acknowledge it and see where it is showing up.

It will be there when you prepare for your day, when you look in the mirror and, when you interact with people.

When you hear it whisper you can start to name it!

I hear you back there in darkness of brain

I hear you and I question if you are true

Why is my worthiness attached to that thought

Perhaps I am worthy and it's nothing to do with my weight, my success, my understanding.

That's when you get to decide who you want to become

Then you will truly have an intentional future

This week just be aware that it is there
Be curious
Be fascinated
Be compassionate

Beating yourself up is not allowed EVER

Bring kindness

And if you are already to build an intentional life and stop charting at night, I would love the opportunity to help you!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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