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backlog Oct 30, 2020

Happy Friday! 

Happy Halloween

Today inside Charting Champions we are discussing backlogs.

Ever noticed how you set aside time to get your backlog done and you just don’t get them done.

Or you get a few done.

But there’s this invisible obstacle

Time after time, you just can’t get them done

What is with that?

You see backlogs are a physical demonstration of pain, anxiety, shame, guilt.

You have a whole story tied to unfinished charts

This story causes inaction when you try to do your charts.

Each attempt haunted by the story

It likely goes like this…

OK I have an hour, I should do my backlog

Open Computer, get snack, wipe kitchen benches, get coffee, put washing in dryer

Try again

Open computer, check Facebook, get snack, check on the kids

Frustrating right

So where to start if you want to change the trajectory?

It starts with kindness and compassion.

You are not defined by your unfinished charts

Set aside time to do one chart

When you sit down and notice the feeling of restlessness, frustration, and boredom

Allow that feeling to be there, in all of it’s discomfort, and close that one chart anyway

Now celebrate, accomplishing one task even when it was uncomfortable.

What other obstacles are getting in the way of you having an amazing life?

Come join us inside Charting Champions and create time to enjoy the things you love

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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