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Backlog Blues? 😩

backlog backlog challenge blog Nov 30, 2021
pile of unfinished charts
Announcing the December Backlog Challenge!
Inside the Charting Champions Program and the Smarter Charting Program, we have 30-day challenges to help you make big and crazy (or little and easy) goals for yourself.
This month is Backlog Challenge month so that you get the opportunity to work on starting the new year with less mental burden!
We will be discussing how to tackle that backlog in the coaching calls, including what slows you down, overcoming distractions and dread. You will also be able to join the backlog room inside the community to work on backlog alongside your peers.
We take backlog shame and remind you that you are amongst a community who understands and wants to support you and celebrate your wins with you.
Here is what one physician inside the program had to say:
"I can't believe that I am now the doctor mom who has time to help with homework and read stories about dragons. This wasn't possible before the Charting Champions Program"

I believe in you, that you are 100% capable of finishing the charts.

Additionally, those charts don't scare me, they don't stop me liking you, and they don't stop me thinking that you are talented, dedicated, and courageous.

What I would like you to know, however, is that you are WRONG about a few things your mind is telling you:

  • WRONG about being the only one with a problem this big.
  • WRONG about being the only one who can't figure this out.
  • WRONG about having to do it on your own.
  • WRONG about having to punish yourself for having a backlog.

I know that with a friendly supportive peer community and a charting coach you can absolutely get the help you need.

Why do we think we have to do this on our own? It's a way of punishing ourselves. Somehow, you think you don't deserve help.

Truly it's not going to be easy either way, so wouldn't you rather clear your backlog with a team on your side?  I know I would.

Get the help you require today!  You deserve it, you really do. You have nothing to be ashamed of. 

Join us inside in time to participate in the December Backlog Challenge - we start December 1st! 


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