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Backlog Blues

backlog May 17, 2020
Let's talk Backlog Reduction!
Who thinks that they should have an empty inbox by now? You know - 6 weeks of pandemic and near empty clinic bookings.
Are you choosing to beat yourself up that you are not all caught up yet?
Think about this. How are you feeling when you are busy getting work done. You know, in the ZONE?
You are feeling fast, determined, decisive.
What thoughts create that feeling for you?
I want to bet it's not
"I've got so much to do"
"It's never ever going to end"
"I don't want to"
These thoughts create INACTION
Do how do you create action?
Make a decision that you are going to work on your backlog and be specific: "From 0800-0900 on Friday I am going to do ....."
Then at 0800 on Friday be prepared for toddler brain to turn up and throw a tantrum "I need more coffee,I don't know how, where should I start first, but I'm comfortable here on the couch in my slippers"
Make a decision that you are going to show and and get to work No Matter What!
Be uncomfortable and Do It Anyway
And then get to be so proud of yourself at 0900 when those tasks are DONE!!
Get to it!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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