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Back in Time

May 17, 2020
Ever wish you could go back in time?
Think that life was simpler, easier, more fun back then?
I was contemplating that thought today.
Then I looked through some old photos
And dove into my thoughts when I was there
This young mum you see in the photo:
She thought she was a pretty good doctor
That she really connected and cared for her Patients
She never took work home (it wasn't possible)
She was a sole income earner and she made enough to have a nice house, two cars and a stay at home dad
But what else:
She stayed at the office to finish her charting.
She would go in on Saturdays to finish her charting. She did not like her body - it wasn't thin enough or beautiful.
She questioned her capacity as a mum
She definitely shamed herself often
If I could write to her, what would I want to tell her?
Look how young you look
I love your smile
It's exhausting being mum and that's ok, take time to rest and know that you are enough just as you are.
You are beautiful
I love you, all of you: who you are, who you are becoming, who you will become
You are absolutely capable of making changes if you desire change, it will take hard work but you have proven over and over that you can do hard things
You are working so hard, you don't need to, there are more efficient ways of doing that
Look at what you have created - a career, a family. You are amazing and I am so proud of you
Now say these things to yourself
Right as you are
Amazing right!
Somehow we can say this to our past self
But does our present self want to trust these words?
In 10 years you will say these things about your past self, what if we could trust in ourselves and love ourselves that completely today. How powerful would we be.
Try it out
Write a letter to your past self
Then read it to yourself for today

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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