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Are you ready to make 2021 amazing 💡 💡 💡

time management Dec 15, 2020

Answer this! By December 2021 it would be awesome if ………

What would you create if you could guarantee that you would get it?

That's a fun thought right?

If it was impossible to fail, what would you create for yourself.

The great thing about setting an impossible goal, and then taking actions to pursue them, is that you move closer to making that impossible goal a reality! You become a different person because you have to learn and do things you have never done before. 🤩 🤩

This month inside Charting Champions we are going to be learning how to set an impossible goal and how to overcome obstacles to move toward that goal.

We also have guest Physician Coach Jesse Mahoney coaching for the next two weeks on mindfulness for Physicians. How to bring calm and relaxation into your day. How to manage difficult relationships.

You don't want to miss this!

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Start creating time for the things you love.

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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