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Are you being smothered? 😣 😣

charting champions Nov 06, 2020

Are you struggling ?  You know, overwhelmed and head in your hands moments. Dreading work. Never done.

Everywhere you look there's more problems.
US Election
Second waves of COVID

You are not alone
This is a common experience for many physicians

Your brain is tired of trying to solve the problems for your patients, your staff, your community, your family.

You are longing for peace and solitude

But you might remember that younger version of you who loved a challenge, loved looking for and finding solutions, could pivot and be resourceful.

That version of you is still in there.
It's just smothered. 

Your brain needs space for creativity, super thinking and resourcefulness.

Intentional creation of time to work on problems and come up with solutions.

Everything you need is still in there, it's just fighting for air.

So where do you go for solutions?

You need a community
Like minded physicians to rally around you

Charting Champions Program has resources to make it as easy as possible for you to create time.

As well as providing you a community to help support you.

All to help you get solutions and finally come up for air.

This week we:

  • Celebrated completed backlogs
  • Discussed managing inboxes
  • Enjoyed a lunch break with everything done
  • Returned home with no charting

We would love to help you start celebrating too!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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