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Thought Leader

Apr 04, 2020

Calling all thought leaders.
What is a thought leader? Someone who can super think about a problem and it's solution and overcome obstacles and barriers to achieve this goal.

A thought leader does not get a step by step handout on how to do something. They are moving forward toward a result knowing there will be challenges.

We can all be thought leaders.
We are highly educated, respected, responsible physicians.
The Medical Officers of Health can only do so much.
They need us to feed the information out to our own circle of influence. Your community. Your people.

Thought leaders ask themselves powerful questions:
How can I help
How can I serve my community
How can I pass on information
What is the most simple message
Who have we forgotten

One physician asked today - how can we help our homeless and often medically fragile vulnerable Patients. This is a great question. She knows them the best. They will listen to her. By asking this question problem solving begins.

If you get exasperated, throw up your hands and say it's too hard, I don't know - then you will deny yourself the power to figure it out.

Thought leaders need to be courageous, brave, vulnerable and determined.

We are all capable of filling in the holes.
Seeing the problems
Searching for solutions
Pioneering change

You will be great, do amazing things, find innovative solutions.

Be brave and strong
Support each other
Be a thought leader
I dare you 

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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