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Jun 21, 2019

Hey there Physicians!

I wanted to give you a glimpse into life coaching and what it could do for you.

I am a full time rural family physician and medical educator.

I guess I hit my 40's and wondered why I still couldn't find the solutions to the same repetitive problems I was having over a decade ago.

I was still over eating, I was still using alcohol at least 1 night per week to buffer away my negative emotions. I still wanted everything to be perfect and in doing so, I would procrastinate and rebel against my tasks that needed to be done.

I didn't want a psychologist and I wasn't depressed.

I wanted to achieve more in my life. I wanted to conquer these reoccurring issues of doubt, inadequacy, procrastination. I also wanted to stop over eating, improve my productivity and time management and be the best wife and mother that I could possibly be.

I had heard of life coaching, positive psychology, mastering your mental health to achieve the results in your life that you most desire.

However there were no life coaches exclusively for family physicians. I could find weight loss life coaches for physicians and I found one physician coach in Australia who can coach physicians who want to leave medicine. But I don't want to leave medicine. I love my patients and I love teaching and I am a damn fine Family Physician.

I needed a life coach to help me find the solutions to my issues right where I am. I want to be a successful Family Physician and work on my internal mental well being to improve my satisfaction in all areas of my life.

So I did it, I found a life coach that I could use to find my own solutions to all the problems related to being a family physician. I adapted all the strategies taught so that they were relevant to me - a full time family physician.

Then I went a step further, I signed up to become a certified life coach so that I could be a life coach to my Fellow Family Physicians!

I want to see us all absolutely thrive in being the best Family Physicians, Parents, Spouses, Mentors that we can possibly be.


I became the Charting Coach, a Physician Life Coach specializing in helping Physicians

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

PS. I would love to help you with your charting problem!

Head to and Sign up for Charting Champions Program Today

Any questions email: [email protected]


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