Learn how to Stop Charting at Night and get back your evenings and weekends!

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Stop Charting at Night free Masterclass

Hey Physicians,

Are you ready to get home with today's work done?

Are you ready to feel back in control of your clinical day?

Are you ready to stop spending hours every evening doing your charting and inboxes?

Are you ready to get back hours every week by getting home with your work done?

Then this Masterclass is for you!


I am Sarah Smith, the Charting Coach.

I help Physicians get their charting, inboxes and backlogs done so they can create time for the things they love.

I want to help you have this future for yourself. It is possible. You too can be in control again!

Ready to learn how?

Get Access to the FREE masterclass today.

The Stop Charting at Night Masterclass is ready for you!

What are we covering in the Masterclass?

  • The exact steps to stop charting at night. 
  • Reducing your mental load. 
  • Getting control of your clinical day.

I am looking forward to helping you.