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Stop Charting at Night free Masterclass

Hey Physicians, Do you feel out of control, frustrated, or tired as you go through your clinical day?

Are you spending hours charting in the evening, at night or all weekend?

How much time do you estimate you have spent charting? For many physicians, the extra charting time is at least 350 hours a year.

How different would your day feel if, as the last patient consultation ended, all the charting was done. I can tell you, it feels amazing!

I am Sarah Smith, Family Physician and the Charting Coach. I help Physicians get their charting, notes and inboxes done so they can create time for the things they love.. 

I want to help you have this future for yourself. Believe it or not, it is possible. You too can be in control again!

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What is this masterclass about, exactly?

  • Gives you insight into the exact steps that I use to help physicians stop charting at night.
  • A key part of this masterclass will be how to reduce your mental load. 
  • Learn how to get your charting done after every patient.
  • Start to feel in control of your clinical day.

Want to know more about physician coaching and help with your charting?

You will find me at

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach