Sustainable Clinical Medicine with The Charting Coach

Sustainable Clinical Medicine with The Charting Coach

Hosted by: Sarah Smith

On Sustainable Clinical Medicine we are capturing the stories of physicians who have made clinical medicine sustainable in their own lives, including their before and after stories.  I will also interview coaches who...

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Ep. 8 - You Don't Control Other People's Expectations!!

Episode #8

In this week's episode, I sit down with Dr. Megan Melo. We talk about how practicing medicine doesn’t always look the way that we want it to and can’t always look the way we want it to look. We talk about how as a...
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Ep. 7 - Can Your ADHD Help The Entire Practice?

Episode #7

In this week’s episode, I sit down with Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh. She shares her before and after being part of the Empowering Women Physician group. She also shares how asking for the additional support that you...
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Ep. 6 - Could A Scribe Help You?

Episode #6

In this week’s episode, I sit down with Dr. Ahluwalia and chat about how she implemented using a scribe in her practice. She trained her scribe from scratch and has started training other scribes within her practice...
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Ep. 5 - Insomnia is a 24-hour problem!

Episode #5

In this episode,  I chat with Janet Whalen about how she helps bad sleepers & insomniac's become great sleepers! She shares that sleep is an inside job - no amount of supplements, weighted blankets, and blue...
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Ep. 4 - Stop Resisting Your Day & Start Appreciating It!

Episode #4

In this episode, I sit down and talk to Dr. Jessie Mahoney who is a Board-certified Pediatrician, a certified life coach, and a yoga and mindfulness instructor. She shares all about how making the change from...
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Ep. 3 - Shifting Your Mindset, How to Gain Your Weekends Back

Episode #3

In this episode, Dr. Sarah Smith sits down with Dr. Milene Argo a board-certified Internist from Athens, Georgia! They talk about how Dr. Milene shifted her mindset from leaving the charting to the weekends and after...
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Ep. 2 - Rebuilding Your Life and Career as a Physician Following Burnout

Episode #2

In this episode, I sit down and chat with Dr. Kara Pepper. She talks about how burnout almost crippled her career and how she was able to rebuild her life and her career after she took the break she needed. She shares...
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Ep. 1 - Sustainable Clinical Medicine is for YOU!

Episode #1

In our first episode, you get to know me and my journey in medicine as Michele Hannay interviews me! We chat about what got me into medicine, my start in medicine and how The Charting Coach came to be!Meet Michele...
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