Episode 75: Unveiling The Power Of Lifestyle Medicine And Impact On Physician Well-being

Welcome to Episode 75 of the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast!

In this episode, we dive into a compelling conversation with Dr. Robyn Tiger, a double board-certified physician, as she shares her remarkable journey from burnout symptoms to establishing a practice focused on the overall well-being of physicians.

Dr. Tiger's story begins at an annual event where she felt like an outsider until she discovered lifestyle medicine, which focuses on addressing root causes and implementing key behavioural pillars.

We explore her shift from traditional Western medicine to lifestyle medicine, emphasizing the importance of small, achievable changes and her involvement in creating programs to address stress and promote wellness in the medical community.

Join us as we uncover the invaluable insights and practices Dr. Tiger offers for managing stress, addressing trauma, and fostering a healthier, more sustainable clinical approach.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️.         Lifestyle Medicine: Dr. Tiger's experience highlights the profound impact of lifestyle medicine in addressing the root causes of symptoms, illnesses, and diseases. The 6 key pillars of behaviours include stress management, helpful nutrition, adequate exercise, nourishing sleep, social connection, and avoidance of risky substances.

2️.         Small, Achievable Changes: Making small, realistic lifestyle changes can lead to significant improvements. Dr. Tiger emphasizes guiding clinicians through an assessment and focusing on one area at a time to create sustainable, long-lasting behaviour changes.

3️.         Mental Health and Trauma-Informed Care: Dr. Tiger's journey sheds light on the importance of recognizing early signs of stress, trauma, and mental health issues. She highlights the effectiveness of non-traditional methods such as yoga and meditation, and emphasizes the need to create safe spaces for healing and addressing trauma.

Dr. Robyn Tiger Bio:

Robyn Tiger, MD, DipABLM is a double board-certified physician in Diagnostic Radiology and Lifestyle Medicine. As founder of the physician wellness practice, StressFreeMD, she uniquely combines her trainings in medicine, yoga therapy, meditation & life coaching to teach other physicians a whole person approach to elevate their overall health & well-being while increasing longevity. Her innovative trauma-informed CME courses, coaching, presentations, retreats and podcast focus on the key topics of stress relief, nutrition, fitness, sleep, social connection, risky substances and nature.

Dr. Tiger serves as lead faculty and subject-matter expert in stress management for the Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine Board Review Manual, host of the StressFreeMD Podcast, and Western Carolina Medical Society Healthy Healer Partner.

Her strong desire to help physicians grew out of her many years in medical practice, experiencing and witnessing firsthand the need for physician self-care education. She is deeply passionate about successfully guiding physicians to become the best versions of themselves and live their healthiest, longest and most fulfilling lives!


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