Episode 69: Impact of uncertainty on medical decision-making.

Welcome to Episode 69 of the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast!

In this solo episode, Dr. Smith delves into the theme of uncertainty in family practice, sharing insightful scenarios and thought-provoking perspectives. She explores the impact of negative thinking on clinical decision-making and presents a compelling case for changing thought patterns to transform outcomes.

From navigating self-doubt and anxiety in medical practice to advocating for self-confidence and self-compassion, Dr. Smith offers practical advice for healthcare providers.

Join us as we explore the transformative power of deliberate thought and its profound impact on sustainable clinical practice.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣     Thoughts and beliefs drive feelings, actions, and results – and they can be deliberately changed. Physicians can rewire their autopilot and build resilience in the face of uncertainty.

2️⃣     Coping with uncertainty in medical decision-making is crucial for maintaining strong doctor-patient relationships and managing stress. Learning to trust yourself and seeking support from colleagues can make a significant difference.

3️⃣     Embracing self-doubt and anxiety in clinical practice and redirecting them to self-compassion and self-confidence is essential. It's time to shift from seeking constant validation to fostering a positive mindset to create better patient outcomes.

Tune in to gain valuable insights on managing uncertainty and reshaping your approach to clinical practice. Join the conversation and let's work towards creating sustainable and fulfilling clinical experiences!


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