Episode 67: Breaking Barriers And Fueling Change In Gender Expectations in Medicine

Welcome to Episode 67 of the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast!

In this episode, Dr. Sarah Smith sits down with special guest Dr. Sasha Shillcutt, a cardiac anesthesiologist and professor, to discuss the crucial topic of setting boundaries in the medical field.

Dr. Shillcutt also sheds light on her efforts to provide support for women physicians through her Brave conference, empowering them to create positive change in their professional and personal lives.

Join us as we explore the vital role of boundaries in achieving sustainability and work-life balance in clinical medicine.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣     Set Boundaries, Embrace Empowerment: As physicians, setting boundaries is crucial for avoiding burnout and embracing sustainability.

2️⃣     The Power of Support and Community: Dr. Shillcutt's Brave conference for women physicians has brought about positive transformations, from career shifts to a profound sense of community support and improved work-life balance. It's a testament to the impactful changes that can arise from empowering and connecting with like-minded individuals.

3️⃣     Embrace Diversity in Leadership: The conversation navigated the complexities women face in leadership roles, grappling with gender expectations, and finding authentic expressions.

Dr. Shillcutt advocates for embracing diverse leadership styles for women, fostering an environment where individuals can lead authentically and with confidence.

Dr. Sasha Shillcutt Bio:

Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD, MS, FASE is a tenured and endowed Professor and the Vice Chair of Strategy in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Sasha is CEO & Founder of Brave Enough, a well-published researcher in cardiac anesthesiology and gender equity, author, and international speaker.

Sasha has taught thousands of women to achieve work-life control through her courses and conferences. She speaks frequently to executives and leaders on the topics of professional resilience and gender equity. Her TEDx talk titled Resilience: The Art of Failing Forward has been viewed by thousands of people. Her writing has been published in both the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA.

She leads conferences and retreats for professional women through her organization, Brave Enough. A best-selling author, her first book Between Grit and Grace: How to be Feminine and Formidable, has sold thousands of copies and her second book, Brave Boundaries: Strategies to Say No, Stand Strong and Take Control of Your Time, was released in September of 2022.


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