Episode 63: Coaching Physicians for Well-Being and Work Satisfaction

In today's Episode #63, we have the privilege of hearing from Dr. Nancy Merrow, a retired family physician and medical leader with extensive experience in hospital administration, palliative care, and executive coaching.

Dr. Merrow shares her insights on the complexities of organizing town call for family physicians, the development of a centralized after-hours place, and the entrepreneurial initiative of setting up an after-hours clinic.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣    Embracing change in patient care models, particularly in obstetrics practice, requires a mental shift and trust in colleagues, highlighting the need for pilot projects and open-mindedness.

2️⃣     Building a personal board of directors and leveraging coaching can provide clarity and support in career decisions, contributing to physician well-being and work satisfaction.

3️⃣     Collaboration and standardization are pivotal in managing the complexity of hospital work, emphasizing the surrender of autonomy for the greater good and the evolution toward team-based care.

Dr. Nancy Merrow Bio:

Dr. Nancy Merrow is a Certified Executive Coach (Royal Roads University 2014) with a career in senior medical leader roles since 2004, having served as Chief of Department, Chief of Staff and VP Medical, Regional Medical Director and Program Director with experience at small, medium and large sized community hospitals as well as regional and provincial initiatives.

Nancy is a Family Physician by training, with a focus in Palliative Medicine from 2004-2013. Nancy is recognized as a mentor and a role model among her peers and trainees, and constantly acts to learn and grow with them. Known for her direct approach and compassionate nature, Nancy’s current career focus is on physician success, and the advancement of medical practitioners in leadership roles.

With extensive knowledge of regulatory college and hospital matters when careers and reputations are at stake, Nancy is also well positioned to coach physicians who want to recover and grow from adverse experiences in their professional lives. Since 2014, Nancy has provided professional coaching sessions to physicians while also working in the demanding roles of Chief of Staff and VP Medical.

Now recently retired from hospital work, Nancy is pursuing her passion for the role of coaching as an evidence-based practice for recovery from burnout, for advancement in career goals, and as a key adjunct to the function of high performing teams in healthcare. As a Board member of Canadian Physician Coaches Network, Nancy will be supporting and promoting the coaching community to engage fully with physician clients for their ultimate success.

Join us as we explore the evolving landscape of clinical medicine and learn from Dr. Merrow's wealth of experience and wisdom.


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