Episode 61: Impact of Interruptions on Processes, Adapting Priorities and Managing Workload

In this episode, our host, Dr. Sarah Smith, is joined by the insightful Dr. Alicia Power, a family doctor in Victoria with an impressive 13 different jobs or roles. Dr. Power takes us on a captivating journey through her experiences, from finding her personal style and purpose to implementing effective strategies in family medicine, such as morning huddles and end-of-day meetings.

The conversation also delves into the impact of interruptions on decision-making, the importance of aligning work with personal values, and the value of learning from failures. Dr. Power's Sunday night routine for prioritizing and planning for the upcoming week is highlighted, providing invaluable insight into managing workload and mental energy. Join us for an enriching and thought-provoking conversation about sustainable clinical medicine and personal growth.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣    Align your work with your personal values and purpose to feel fulfilled and avoid disconnect.

2️⃣     Implement efficient processes and time management techniques to prioritize tasks and create a sustainable clinical day.

3️⃣     Embrace the importance of self-reflection and planning, ensuring that your work aligns with your passions and priorities

Dr. Alicia Power Bio:

Dr. Alicia Power is a family and maternity doctor in Victoria, BC.  Her passions are improving patient care, physician wellbeing and the functioning of the complex system in which we all work.  She has two young kids, a tolerant husband and loves to take her crazy dog for hikes with friends.


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