Resource Advocacy & Contract Negotiation Strategies for Physicians

Welcome to the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast in this episode, Dr. Smith is joined by Ethan Nkana, a dedicated advocate for physicians' rights in contract negotiations.

Together, they delve into the often-overlooked non-financial needs of doctors, emphasizing the importance of recognizing their efforts and providing necessary resources for sustainable patient care.

Mr. Nkana shares his experience and provides valuable insights on how physicians can navigate contract negotiations and demand better support from their employers.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣    Every physician's needs are unique. It's vital to address both financial and non-financial aspects in contract negotiations to ensure doctors have the resources and support they need to provide optimal patient care.

2️⃣     Advocate for your worth. Physicians deserve fair compensation, protected time, and recognition for their hard work. It's essential to negotiate for these elements in contracts to combat burnout and create sustainable clinical days.

3️⃣     Stay engaged and push for change. Physicians can actively seek improvements within their current positions rather than feeling stuck. It's about creating a better environment within the existing structure and standing up for what's important.

Ethan Nkana Bio:

 Ethan founded Rocky Mountain Physician Agency (RMPA) in 2020 to revolutionize doctors' contract negotiations. With 15 years of leadership experience in hospital finance, operations, strategy, and physician contracting, Ethan, equipped with a doctorate in law and an MBA, positions RMPA as a game-changer. The agency's principle, "Doctors First. Always," reflects his commitment to closing knowledge gaps and securing fair compensation for doctors nationwide. From residency to retirement, RMPA advocates for doctors, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

Join us as we explore the challenges faced by clinicians in today's healthcare industry and the crucial steps towards creating a more sustainable and fulfilling clinical practice.


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