Episode 51: Balancing Work, Parenting, and Personal Growth

Welcome to the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast, hosted by Dr. Sarah Smith.

In Episode 51, Dr. Smith is joined by the insightful Dr. Sarah Wittry, a hospice and palliative medicine practitioner and certified life coach with a unique perspective on balancing work, parenting, and personal development, particularly during the pandemic.

Dr. Wittry also sheds light on her podcast "Vibrant Humans" and offers insights into wellness and sustainability.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣    Prioritizing Self-Improvement: Dr. Wittry's delves into her involvement in a coaching group and the positive impact on prioritizing personal growth and wellness underscore the importance of investing in oneself, especially in high-stress professions like clinical medicine.

2️⃣    Redefining Success in Medicine: Discover the transformative shift in perspective regarding success in the medical field, emphasizing the value of patient connection and the limitations of defining success solely based on medical outcomes. It's a compelling reminder for healthcare professionals to reevaluate their measures of success and focus on meaningful patient care.

3️⃣    Wellness and Coping Strategies: Dr. Wittry shares practical strategies for managing overwhelm and stress, including the importance of self-check-ins, seeking community support, and embracing mindset shifts.

Dr. Sarah Wittry Bio

I love yoga, reading, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, traveling being in nature in South development, coaching. I’m mom to four kids ages 1-11, wife to a finance, Econ professor, and I’m a board, certified hospice palliative medicine physician working in Columbus Ohio. In very very last stages of becoming certified as a life coach through the coaching firm, and my passion is to help women in medicine, especially moms, to constantly face self-doubt, and feel disconnected from themselves and their desires.

🎧 Join us as we delve into this thought-provoking discussion and discover valuable strategies for well-being and work-life balance in clinical medicine.

You can find more on Dr. Wittry here: https://www.vibranthumanssarahwittry.com/

And listen to her Podcast here: Vibrant Humans Podcast



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