Episode 50: Happy New Year replay of one of our top episodes of 2023

Happy New Year!  

Excited to kickstart 2024 with a focus on creating a sustainable clinical day by prioritizing life outside of medicine. In this special episode, we are replaying one of our top episodes of 2023, featuring Dr. Bradley Block who joins us to discuss how to engineer better office visits.  

Dr. Bradley Block, a private practice otolaryngologist who also hosts the “Physician's Guide to Doctoring” podcast.

Dr. Block shared some amazing insights on how to engineer better office visits by exploring communication tools. Here are three key takeaways:  

1️⃣ Identify the question behind the question: Dr. Block believes this is crucial for a more efficient and better patient experience. He shared that patients may not be aware of their actual question or may not ask it directly. Therefore, asking open-ended questions like “What about this worries you?” can help identify the real question.  

2️⃣ Improve communication: Dr. Block emphasized the importance of patients liking and trusting their doctor to successfully treat them.  Humour can also improve patient outcomes and make a practice more sustainable.  

3️⃣ Personal values: Dr. Block discussed the importance of doctors finding a balance between serving patients and taking care of themselves. Personal values should align with the schedule and doctors should avoid burnout and becoming too selfish.  

Check out the full episode to learn more about Dr. Block's insights to better patient care and office visits.


Dr. Bradley Block Bio:

Bradley Block, MD, is a private practice otolaryngologist on Long Island, New York, where he lives with his wife and three young sons.

He is a partner at ENT and Allergy Associates and creator of the Physician’s Guide to Doctoring Podcast. He realized that rapport was the key to gaining trust, seeing patients efficiently, enjoying his practice, and building his reputation.

He tried to find a podcast that would help him improve at doctor-patient communication, but there was none, so he created Physician’s Guide to Doctoring! The topics quickly expanded to “everything we should have been learning while we were memorizing Kreb’s Cycle,” and it is now a practical guide for practicing physicians, physicians-in-training and all allied health professionals.

He is available as a keynote speaker on improving the patient experience, doctor-patient communication, and running office-hours efficiently.

Website: https://www.physiciansguidetodoctoring.com

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