Episode 48: Enhancing Patient Care: Delegating Tasks and Building Sustainable Teams

Welcome back to the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast!

In this episode, Dr. Smith interviews Dr. Michael Neal, an optometrist practicing in rural Pennsylvania who also runs a software company called Build My Team.

Dr. Neal shares insights about streamlining practice management, utilizing scribes for documentation, and the benefits of delegating tasks to a well-structured team.

From identifying necessary roles to onboarding staff effectively, this episode is packed with valuable knowledge on creating more time for personal lives outside of medicine and improving patient care through effective team-building.

Tune in as Dr. Smith and Dr. Neal discuss practical strategies for sustainable clinical practices and the shift in mindset necessary for success.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣   Delegate, Delegate, Delegate: Dr. Neal emphasizes the importance of delegating administrative tasks to efficiently leverage talent and focus on patient care.

2️⃣   Build Your Dream Team: By identifying specific roles needed in a practice and hiring based on strengths and talents, clinicians can improve patient care and practice productivity.

3️⃣   Embrace Change for Balance: Making conscious choices about how we spend time and delegating tasks can help prevent burnout and restore work-life balance.

Dr. Michael Neal Bio

Dr. Mike identified a list of performance factors that predicted long-term employee success. This included speed of learning, mindset, and, among others, strengths, and talents. Dr. Mike implemented what he learned. And this is when our hiring story took an exciting turn. Soon, the practice began to flourish. The right people, to use a metaphor from the Jim Collins best-seller “Good to Great,” were not only on the bus, they were in the right seat on the bus.

🎧 So grab your headphones and get ready for Episode 48, where you can hear our full conversation. Learn more about Dr. Neal here: www.buildmyteam.com




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