Episode 46: Building Mental Toughness for Sustainable Clinical Practice: Navigating New Workflows

Welcome to Episode 46 of the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast!

In this solo episode, Dr. Sarah Smith shares her recent experiences at the FMF conference in Montreal and the launch of Connect Care at her rural hospital. She discusses the mental toughness required to adapt to new systems and the importance of embracing change for sustainable clinical practice.

Dr. Smith shares her personal journey of learning and adapting to the new EMR, highlighting the challenges and the growth that come with embracing the unfamiliar. She also encourages listeners to recognize their automatic responses to change and to approach challenges with compassion and a willingness to do hard things. Don't miss this insightful episode on mental toughness and the mindset required for sustainable clinical medicine.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣ Embrace Mental Toughness: Dr. Smith emphasizes the importance of approaching challenges with a mindset of mental toughness, reframing difficulties as opportunities for growth and adaptation.

2️⃣ Proactive Immersion: By deliberately exposing herself to the new EMR system ahead of the local roll-out, Dr. Smith honed her skills and reduced the impact of the transition on patient care.

3️⃣ Patience and Adaptability: Understanding that change takes time, effort, and perseverance, she encourages healthcare professionals to be patient with themselves and adopt an adaptable approach when faced with new technology and workflows.

🎧 So grab your headphones and get ready to listen to the full episode on embracing change, mental toughness and redesigning your clinical day creating sustainable healthcare practices.




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