Episode 35: Enhancing Teaching and Communication in Clinical Medicine

Welcome back to the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast! In this episode, we have the privilege of hearing from Dr. Sudha Koppula, an esteemed physician with extensive experience in teaching and faculty development.

Dr. Koppula shares insights on the value of peer observation, the importance of effective communication with patients and learners, and the unique challenges and rewards of her role in the Integrated Community Clerkship program.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣    Learn from your colleagues: Observing how your colleagues communicate with patients and learners can be incredibly valuable. This allows us to offer suggestions based on our own experiences and continuously enhance our own skills.

2️⃣    Create a supportive environment: Building a supportive environment that embraces adaptability and provides mentorship is crucial for the growth of learners.

3️⃣    Seek support for teaching skills: Even those without formal education training can benefit from resources and tools provided by faculty development directors. By seeking support, we can ensure that our teaching skills remain effective and impactful.

🔗 If you're interested in delving deeper into these insights and exploring Dr. Koppula's incredible journey, I invite you to tune in to the latest episode of our podcast. 🎧


Dr. Sudha Koppula Bio

Dr. Sudha Koppula is an academic family physician in Edmonton. In addition to her clinical work, she engages in administration, research, and teaching activities. She has also served in family medicine leadership roles.


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