Episode 30: Charting and Setting Boundaries

Welcome back to the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast! In today's episode, I have something a little different for you. I wanted to share with you a recent conversation I had with Kevin Mailo on his podcast, Physician Empowerment. It's a conversation that can help you in your journey towards sustainable clinical medicine. We discussed what to think about with regards to resourcefulness and how to help ourselves create a sustainable clinical day.

So, whether you're a healthcare professional looking to improve your practice, or simply interested in understanding the challenges physicians face, this episode is packed with valuable information. Here are 3 key takeaways from our discussion:

1️⃣   Efficiency is crucial: We highlight the importance of optimizing workflows and effectively managing tasks beyond patient care.

2️⃣   Prioritizing patient needs: The episode delves into the importance of setting boundaries and protecting time for meaningful patient interactions.

2️⃣   Harnessing the power of effective documentation: We dive into the significance of comprehensive medical documentation, including essential elements to include in patient notes.

Don't miss this insightful conversation! Tune in to Episode 30 of the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast, available on your favourite podcast platforms. And remember to visit www.physempowerment.ca for additional resources and support for physicians on their journey to empowerment! 💪🏥

So sit back, relax, and let's dive into this empowering conversation. Let the journey to sustainable clinical medicine begin!


Meet Dr. Kevin Mailo

Kevin is an emergency physician based out of Edmonton, Alberta. He is known for his highly engaging teaching style that breaks down complex topics into memorable experiences.

Dr. Mailo cares deeply about the long-term wellness of the medical profession and wants to see physicians and their families succeed personally and financially.

Physician Empowerment is an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of Canadian physicians through education in finance, practice management, wellness, and leadership. Dr. Kevin Mailo is co-host with Dr. Wing Lam of the Physician Empowerment Podcast.

You can find out more on Physician Empowerment here: https://www.physempowerment.ca  

The Physician Empowerment Podcast can be found here: https://www.physempowerment.ca/podcast

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