Episode 26: Finding Joy and Purpose in Clinical Medicine

On this episode of Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast, Dr. Sarah Smith sits down with Dr. Jo Braid, a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation physician and a coach for doctors recovering from burnout. Dr. Braid shares her experiences and insights on topics such as emotional awareness, mindset work, and the importance of self-compassion in clinical medicine.

Dr. Braid reflects on her own journey and the pressures she faced as a doctor, feeling the need to have all the answers for her patients. She emphasizes the importance of mindset work and how it can positively impact patients' health. Dr. Braid also discusses her own experience with burnout and the steps she took to prioritize self-care and joy in her life.

Here are three key takeaways from our upcoming episode:

1️⃣ Importance of Emotional Awareness: Dr. Braid will discuss the significance of emotional awareness as a starting point for self-reflection and well-being. She suggests a simple practice of assessing one's perceived level of fatigue, exhaustion, energy, or apathy on a scale of one to ten. 

2️⃣ Kindness and Self-Compassion: Dr. Braid highlights the importance of bringing kindness and self-compassion to challenging situations. By accepting decisions and understanding the reasons behind them, we can have a more positive and engaged learning experience. 

3️⃣ Pursuing a Balanced Lifestyle: Dr. Braid will share her personal journey of finding balance in her medical career. She emphasizes the need to prioritize self-care, joy, and continuous learning.


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Meet Dr. Jo Braid

Dr. Jo Braid lives in Orange, NSW Australia with her husband and 3 young sons. She originally comes from Cambridge in the UK where she attended medical school, and moved to Australia where she completed her Rehabilitation Medicine Specialisation. She is a coach for women physicians who want to get out of the burnout cycle and enjoy their lives and careers. In addition she continues clinical medicine working in traumatic brain injury. Outside of her career Jo loves to play tennis on the regular.

Website: https://www.drjobraid.com

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-burnout-recovery-podcast

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