Ep. 17 - Rest Is Not A Reward

In this week's episode, I sit down with Dr. John Crosby who talks with us about the things that you're missing out on and how to start to get them back into your life. He shares how doctors need to set boundaries with patients, and that doctor burnout is caused by working too much and not enough boundary enforcement! Dr. Crosby and I also discuss ways to make our lives more sustainable and focused, starting with breaking the cycle of constantly needing to be "productive." 


Meet Dr. John Crosby

Dr. John Wyatt Crosby has been a specialist in Emergency Medicine and Family practice for 49 years. He is an Assistant Professor at 3 universities and has lectured worldwide 120 times on time, stress, and risk management for physicians. Dr. Crosby has written 305 blogs for the Medical Post magazine and has 3 best-selling books and has mentored individually 123 doctors. He admits he used to hate family medicine, but now loves it because he learned to time manage, set boundaries, and say no.


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