About Us

Hi I'm Sarah Smith
Rural Family Physician and Certified Physician Coach
I want to help you with all your charting, backlogs and anything else stopping you getting home on time with everything done!
I want to you to love being home in your evenings without worrying about all that paperwork you should be doing.
Maybe you want to take up running, get a new hobby, workout three times a week and get a full nights sleep. Simply be more present. Feel in Control Again.
Coaching is a powerful way to help you, especially a Physician Coach who is familiar with the pressures of being a Family Physician!
How did I get here? I was 15 years as a General Practitioner/Family Physician and I was still unable to tell my husband what time I would be home. I had that familiar experience of never being done, unfinished charts, inboxes begging for my attention. 
I loved the patients but hated the job. If someone mentioned a new preventative care intervention, even the smallest suggestion of "just one more thing" would leave me feeling disheartened and overwhelmed.
I asked all my mentors and I read everything on how to create an amazing clinical day. Multiple mentors told me "just come in Sunday". I wanted to scream, that damned paperwork, it was never ever ever done. 
I would get up at night to chart. Going on holidays was a nightmare. Often up until midnight the night before to complete inboxes and charts, often with a plane to catch at 0500 the following morning. It felt like it wasn't worth it!
Then one day I heard about life coaches. It peaked my interest. A life coach can help you with any problem. So I looked around and the only life coaches that helped physicians were helping doctors leave medicine. I was nearly at that point, but I really genuinely knew just how valuable the Family Physician is. I wasn't ready to leave medicine.
Then I stumbled on The Life Coach School Podcast. I highly recommend it but, be warned, it's life changing!! Brooke Castillo is the host, she said 'I can help any problem".
So I took her up on her offer. I paid for her coaching program and fixed my charting problem so completely that I had given myself the gift of evenings and weekend completely homework free! It was unbelievable. I could breathe, I could exercise. I could spend time with my family. 
And then, I distilled all the skills I had learned, went back to school to become a Certified Life Coach. As a certified Life Coach I started coaching other physicians to have their weekends and evenings free also!
I honed my skills with hundreds and hundreds of hours coaching Physicians. I coached them all on improving office and workplace efficiency, finishing their charting and getting the work done. These were family doctors, neurologists, rheumatologists, O+G, sports medicine physicians, internal medicine physicians, pulminologists, physiatrists, rural emergency, clinic owner physicians, urgent care physicians, new graduates and 25+ year physicians etc.
With all this experience I wanted to create for you the most simple, fast and effective tools to get this result for yourself. This is a program that is now known as Charting Champions.
Charting Champions combines simple fast on-demand teaching with a supportive community and lots of Physician Coaching. You get everything you need to get results. I am super excited that you can have such a streamlines process available to you!
No longer is the answer "just come in on Sunday's"!
I would love to help you have this result for yourself.
xx Sarah, the Charting Coach
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